I'm stumped: Can tools that are destined for the toolshed use <options 
from_data_table="..." ...> ?

In a blast_reporting.xml tool script I have

        <param name="filter_column" type="select" label="Col">
                <options from_data_table="blast_reporting_fields">
                        <filter type="static_value" value="numeric" 
column="type" />
                        <filter type="sort_by" column="name"/>

But when this gets submitted as a tar file into a toolshed repository, toolshed 
comes back with cryptic:

     Metadata may have been defined for some items in revision '5bbb25b32de2'. 
Correct the following problems if necessary and reset metadata.
     blast_reporting.xml - invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'type'

I eliminate the <filter type="static_value" value="numeric" column="type" /> 
line, but similar problem is still reported 

     blast_reporting.xml - invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'name'

This hints that maybe the toolshed, when it tests the code, it doesn't know 
what/where blast_reporting_fields is?  Is there some special location that the 
blast_reporting_fields.loc file should be located within the uploaded tar file? 
 (I tried putting it in various relative paths in the tar file, i.e. root, and 
under /tool-data/)

p.s. the tool runs file with menu functioning in galaxy itself.

Thanks for any pro tips you folks can come up with!

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