I'm not experienced with postgres and ftp and am thus having difficulties 
setting up an ftp server on my local Galaxy instance, but it is essential as 
our files are all over 2GB. The admin support page 
(https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Admin/Config/Upload%20via%20FTP) is a little 
fuzzy on the details. I'm currently running the server out of Ubuntu 13.10 
desktop both physically and via SSH. So far, I've created a local account 
"postgres" with a psql database "galaxydb" and user "galaxyftp", but I can't 
figure out whether the "galaxy_user" table is supposed to exist, needs to be 
created, nor how to add this information to the "database_connection" option in 
universe_wsgi.ini.ALTER ROLE has been completed successfully, but I get the 
error "ERROR: relation "galaxy_user" does not exist" upon attempting GRANT 
SELECT ON. Is there a simple explanation of how to complete this task and get 
the proftpd server up and running for Ubuntu? Please assume proftpd is 
installed, but not configured, the database is in the state described above, 
and I am starting with "sudo su - postgres" followed by "psql galaxydb."

Turner Conrad

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