I am a student who's trying to implement a simple galaxy tool. I am trying to provide the user with the option of uploading a file. I have copied code from another tool:
<upload_dataset name="files" title="Specify Files for Dataset" file_type_name="file_type" metadata_ref="files_metadata">
        <param name="file_data" type="file" size="30" label="FASTA File" ajax-upload="true" help="Select an input file in the appropriate format (see Data formats).">
        <validator type="_expression_" message="You will need to reselect the file you specified (%s)." substitute_value_in_message="True">not ( ( isinstance( value, unicode ) or isinstance( value, str ) ) and value != "" )</validator> <!-- use validator to post message to user about needing to reselect the file, since most browsers won't accept the value attribute for file inputs -->
      <param name="url_paste" type="hidden" area="true" size="5x35" label="URL/Text"/>
      <param name="ftp_files" type="ftpfile" label="Files uploaded via FTP"/>
If I just copy this, I get an error saying
KeyError: 'file_type'
+ some cryptic lines
I cannot find any documentation for these tags, is there any ? If not how can I find out how things work?
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