Hello all,

I ran into a problem with a conditional select parameter not working when
shown as a radio box - despite the HTML having refresh_on_change set:

    <div class="form-row">
        <label for="dbtype">Molecule type of FASTA inputs:</label>
    <div class="form-row-input"><div><input type="radio"
name="seq|dbtype" refresh_on_change="true" value="prot"
id="seq|dbtype|prot" checked='checked'><label class="inline"
<div><input type="radio" name="seq|dbtype" refresh_on_change="true"
value="nucl" id="seq|dbtype|nucl"><label class="inline"
        <div style="clear: both;"></div>

The simple workaround of using a drop-box select box instead worked, e.g.

Is this something anyone else has noticed? Should I file an issue?




This is what I was testing with initially,

$ hg branch

$ hg log -b default | head
changeset:   13855:215f23b27be9
tag:         tip
user:        Carl Eberhard <carlfeberh...@gmail.com>
date:        Tue Mar 18 16:14:52 2014 -0400
summary:     Page-embedded histories: allow embedding the same history
more than once by removing the reliance on DOM ids and
selecting/traversing based on sibling relation of the history's script

I updated, same problem:

$ hg log -b default | head
changeset:   14501:75be6c49a65d
tag:         tip
user:        guerler
date:        Wed May 14 22:49:44 2014 -0400
summary:     Charts: Fix style
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