Ok, thanks for the on-target info and organizing the Trello card solution.

So the <configfiles> construct lets us pass data that is available in the 
cheeta template context into a temporary file which the tool then has access 
to, thus avoiding exposing parameters in the command line execution which are 
visible when any user clicks on the "i" info link in history.  Sounds good for 
user-triggered tool case; I think this would work for my tool.

I left this note on the trello card... "Optional good.  A job specific key 
would be fine too, but it would need a powerful permission profile. John, I 
also see the security threat of passing the key to the command line un-encoded. 
 Is it possible for the command executable program to have access to one in the 
executable environment as long as its being executed by a 'galaxy' system 
privileged user?"  

I think that approach would detail the minimum stand-alone command line python 
(etc) code that could be run by system galaxy user to lookup the  
__app__.config.master_api_key , or to generate a tool-session key. (It would 
fail for other system users).  That would support API activity that isn't being 
called from the web interface and its cheeta templating system.  E.g use case 
of crontab scheduled events?



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Okay - revisiting this because I was not nearly cautious enough with
my previous response. A couple large caveats -

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