Much appreciated - thanks again for the diagnosis and helping me confirm
that I was not fat-fingering anything on my end!

Currently I have a c3.4xlarge instance that booted directly from the AWS
console using the current AMI referenced on the cloudlaunch page. It's
waiting at the cloudman admin interface for my currently running cluster
to finish the EBS snapshot process needed to instantiate a shared
cluster. I just need to feed it the shared cluster string but the EBS
snapshot is going pretty slowly.

If I run into issues I'll tear down my hand-launched version and will go
back to cloudlaunch and c3.8xlarge. Thanks!


Dannon Baker wrote:
> The errors I'm seeing in the logs relate to virtualization required
> baked into the AMI for the large memory instances.  This is an error on
> our side related to new instance types.
> What I'd recommend to get off the ground immediately (with reasonable
> memory on a node) would be to use the c3.8xlarge instance type (compute
> optimized 8x, 60GB memory), which will launch successfully.
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