Hi folks,

It was the universe_wsgi.ini 'prefix' parameter I was needing, though yes, 
http/https was an issue too.  Good to know that the 
trans.app.config.galaxy_infrastructure_url is in the works.

It turns out for now - thanks Eric Raschle - that the 
trans.request.application_url is the magic pill, it has the complete url.

self.api_url = trans.request.application_url



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Subject: Re: [galaxy-dev] Determining galaxy api path automatically from a tool 
via dynamic_options?

Well host is probably not enough - it doesn't seem like a good idea to
assume http right? There is the prefix and (trans.request.scheme) that
could be missing. Is trans.request.base what you want? Maybe
trans.request.path_url? It should be possible to recover that from
trans I guess - though I don't know exactly what parts of the request
you need to use.

So this isn't in stable yet - but there is going to be a sanctioned
way for Galaxy deployers to describe what the URL to their Galaxy
instance should be for internal consumption (stuff like docker
containers and Pulsar)
It will be settable in config/galaxy.ini and accessible via
trans.app.config.galaxy_infrastructure_url. There is a related
attribute trans.app.config.galaxy_infrastructure_url_set which if True
specifies that the deployer actually filled in a value and this is not
Galaxy's best guess at what URL should be used to access it. If it is
false - probably best to fallback to something like trans and the
request if you have it.

Hope this helps some.

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