On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 9:59 AM, Roberto Alonso CIPF <ralo...@cipf.es> wrote:
> Hello,
> Postgres did it perfectly, but as I would like to enable this option in my
> production servers I changed two configs in galaxy.ini:
> # This enables splitting of jobs into tasks, if specified by the particular
> tool config.
> # This is a new feature and not recommended for production servers yet.
> use_tasked_jobs = True
> local_task_queue_workers = 4
> So I have two questions,
> 1. Why is this not appropriate for productions server yet?

At a practical level, I believe this setting is not used on the main
usegalaxy.org instance, and thus has not been stress tested by
the Galaxy developers.

Also (see below), it has little documentation.

> 2. What is local_task_queue_workers doing?

I'm not entiruely sure, but I think it is how many task-splitters
would be run at once (e.g. several splittable jobs are submitted
together). We use local_task_queue_workers = 4 but I forget
why exactly.

> I think I misunderstand something
> because I put this parameter in the tool config file:
>    <parallelism method="basic" split_size="20"
> split_mode="number_of_parts"></parallelism>
> on ther other hand, I don't see any documentation about parallelism tag, is
> there any?

I don't think there is anything explicit on the wiki about how
to use the parallelism tag :(

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