I'm still having major issues with repo updates.

I'm getting this message for installing dependencies for
package_samtools_1_1 that it says are missing:

Error installing tool dependency ncurses version 5.9: Unable to locate
required tool shed repository named package_ncurses_5_9 owned by iuc with
revision c0735727b530. Error installing tool dependency zlib version 1.2.8:
Unable to locate required tool shed repository named package_zlib_1_2_8
owned by iuc with revision 03abe628fbe8.Installed tool dependencies:

But I have these packages installed, which are the latest revisions.
 iuc 5e1760c773ba
package_zlib_1_2_8 iuc

bam_to_sam has a red arrow icon indicating a newer installable revision is
available, but when I check for updates it says:
The installed repository named 'bam_to_sam' is current, there are no
updates available.
There are no newer entries for this on the Installed tool shed repositories
page, just the one saying there is a newer revision.

Still getting:

The resource was found at
you should be redirected automatically.

For any repository when I click on "Get repository updates".  I am not
redirected automatically, clicking the link doesn't work, only pasting it
into the browser bar.

Help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm thinking something major has gone
wrong and that I will have to reinstall galaxy.

Many thanks


On 6 March 2015 at 16:50, Anna Terry <iseegl...@googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a few installed tool shed repositories which are showing that
> updates are available.  When I click get repository updates, instead of the
> usual upate page, I get a page that simply says
> Found
> The resource was found at
> http://toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu/repository/check_for_updates?galaxy_url=https://galaxy.hpc.qmul.ac.uk/&name=bam_to_sam&owner=devteam&changeset_revision=250151b4d934;
> you should be redirected automatically.
> This is for bam_to_sam, but same problem for blast_datatypes,
> pileup_interval and sam_to_bam too.
> Anyone have any ideas why I'm seeing this?
> Cheers
> Anna
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