I was wondering whether it might be possible/safe to install tools and deps 
from the toolshed on a VM galaxy installation, and then rsync the shed_tools 
and  tool dependencies directories to a production galaxy server?

Unfortunately, our institution has web access only through a proxy and blocks 
'personal web browsing' from servers. This works on a white list - so 
everything is blocked unless there was considered to be a valid need when the 
list was originally setup, or an exception request is made and approved. We 
have an exception in place for the main toolshed, but various dependency 
downloads will fail, blocked by the proxy. Getting exceptions for each URL we 
find not to work is painful and slow.

The suggestion I've been given is to download things on a workstation (not 
subject to the blocking) and transfer them manually to the server, hence the 
question about whether tool directories (and XML conf files) can be synced 
between installs? Is there anything in the SQL DB that would prevent this 
working, or being safe?

Otherwise I'm installing a lot of deps manually :(


Dave Trudgian


UT Southwestern

Medical Center

The future of medicine, today.

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