Dear all,

I just started setting up a galaxy instance and I'm a bit stuck with
user account activation without e-mail.  Is it possible to run Galaxy
without an SMTP server set?

For example, for the administrator user, I set:

admin_users = <my e-mail>

in galaxy.ini .  I'd also like to require login (i.e., require_login =
True) but it seems that I can't do that from the outset.  That has to
be False and allow_user_creation has to be True.

Then I can create a user with the same account as above, who will then
become an administrator.  But, the account has to be validated some
how and I can't seem to figure out how to do that without enabling an
SMTP server.

Am I doing something that wasn't intended?  Perhaps I must have an
SMTP server set?  Or are there other steps I should do to activate the
administrator?  The web page makes it look
I am concerned I'm doing it all wrong...

Also, if this instance will be a production system some day, should I
start using a database (Postgres or MySQL) right away and not bother
with the default SQLite?  Otherwise, I will have to port the data
over, which the documentation implies is not an easy thing to do...

Thank you!

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