Thank you Nicola,

I will play with these options and see how it works.

Have you played with LSF and Galaxy setup?

Thank you,

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Il 04.08.2015 07:57 Hakeem Almabrazi ha scritto:
> Hello everyone,
> I was able to setup galaxy to work with our HPC cluster using the LSF
> scheduler. So far so good except with few exceptions:
> 3. Finally, how do I control the resources (i.e cores for a job )
> given to a submitted job on Galaxy?

Hi Hakeem,
you need to specify new destinations in config/job_conf.xml, for example if you 
want to submit jobs asking for 4 cores on the same cluster node, use:

         <destination id="queue_name_4t" runner="drmaa">
             <param id="nativeSpecification">-q queue_name -n 4 -R 

Then in the <tools> section of config/job_conf.xml add

         <tool id="tool_id" destination="queue_name_4t"/>

for each tool that should use 4 cores.

More info at:


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