I'm running into some issues with maintaining multiple installable
revisions for a repository suite and I'm not sure if there's something I've

I have a local toolshed where I'm maintaining my tools, and I have a
repository suite definition, defining a number of dependencies.  So, I have:

suite_X (mercurial revision 0):
   Dependency A
   Dependency B

I updated "suite_X" and changed the dependencies:

suite_X (mercurial revision 1):
    Dependency A
    Dependency B
    Dependency C

I would like to have both mercurial revision 0 and 1 installable in Galaxy,
but only revision 1 (the latest) is showing up as installable.  I found
documentation at https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/RepositoryRevisions but
this seems to only cover a repository containing a single tool, not a suite
of tools.

Is there something I'm doing wrong or some setting I have to change here?
My toolshed is running with Galaxy tag "v15.07".


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