Thnks for WolFPSORT,
I have to check with my PI because we are uder the administrative supervision 
of 2 big public structures with very particular rules...

About Tmhmm, it works. I've restarted galaxy, then the station and now 
everythings semms to be ok.

Thank you for your time & help!


On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 10:40 AM, Olivier CLAUDE <> wrote:
> Hello,
> This is working! For signlaP and promoter at least.


> I still got this weird error with tmhmm ("no output from tmhmm") and I can't 
> figure what's wrong .

The message "no output from tmhmm" is from my wrapper script,

This can be triggered when tmhmm silently fails, e.g. you have just the 32bit 
binaries on a 64bit system:

Can you run tmhmm successfully outside of Galaxy?

> I experienced some problems at the beginning with signal and promoter, 
> because I forgot to remove the path I've made in the .bashrc . They were 
> broken in the /usr/local/bin If anybody experience the problem in the future, 
> just remove the old ones, remove from the path the wrong one, and redo the 
> command line.
> Thanks a lot.
> Do anybody knows where i can find WolFPSORT? The website semms to be down for 
> a while now and I am not able to find it anywhere?
> Thanks again!
> Olivier .

Yes, is still down (and has been for some months so this 
is not a temporary glitch). The best plan would be to try to get in touch with 
Paul Horton. I will try to email him (and CC you).

I do have a copy of WoLF PSORT v0.2 but this is not an open source tool, and 
redistribution is restricted. Assuming you want it for academic use only (so no 
commercial part-funding, no industry partnership, etc) than I can probably 
forward it to you off list.



WoLF PSORT Package Command Line Version 0.2 License
Author: Paul Horton
Copyright: All Rights Reserved
Created: 2005/9/1
Last Modified: 2005/9/1


1. Academic License

If you are an academic you may freely use this package on site or redistribute 
it for academic use as is. This does not include providing a WoLF PSORT 
prediction service over the internet.  Academic citation would be highly 

Non-profit use is a necessary condition for "academic". If in doubt please 
contact Paul Horton.

2. Commercial License

Any rights not explicitly given in this license are reserved. However, any 
potential users are encouraged to contact Paul Horton to discuss other 
licensing arrangements.
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