Hi all,

I'm having some difficulties with logging into my production website. I get
the following error message in the logs:

galaxy.web.framework.webapp WARNING 2016-04-06 18:47:41,852 User logged in
as 'userID' externally, but has a cookie as 'use...@vectorbase.org'
invalidating session

This started rather suddenly today after there was a space crisis on our
hard drive, which is the subject of my other recent email to this list.

We are using LDAP for external authentication. The same LDAP server is
being used by my "Pre" server, and logins are working fine. I've compared
both galaxy.ini and httpd.conf and can't find any discrepancies.

If someone has suggestions to offer, I would surely appreciate them.


Scott B. Szakonyi
Research Programmer

*Center for Research Computing*
107 Information Technology Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556
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