On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 10:35 AM, Shane Sturrock <sh...@biomatters.com> wrote:
> I’m just using the drmaa plugin so I’m guessing I need to either specify a
> job runner for BLAST which sets GALAXY_SLOTS. The documentation isn’t
> entirely clear although it seems I need to create a job_conf.xml which sets
> local_slots to a value for runner drmaa unless there’s a way to set that in
> the galaxy.ini file instead.

There is a legacy job setting via galaxy.ini aka universe_wsgi.ini where
we used to use this:

ncbi_blastp_wrapper  = drmaa://-V -pe smp 4/
ncbi_blastn_wrapper  = drmaa://-V -pe smp 4/
ncbi_blastx_wrapper  = drmaa://-V -pe smp 4/
ncbi_tblastn_wrapper = drmaa://-V -pe smp 4/
ncbi_tblastx_wrapper = drmaa://-V -pe smp 4/
blast_reciprocal_best_hits = drmaa://-V -pe smp 4/

The -V was an SGE switch to copy the environment variables,
and -pe smp 4 is for a 4 core job.

For job_conf.xml I am trying something similar with less repetition:

        <!-- Default queue on the SGE cluster (four cores) -->
        <destination id="all4.q" runner="sge" tags="gruffalo">
            <param id="nativeSpecification">-pe smp 4</param>
            <env file="/mnt/shared/galaxy/apps/galaxy-paths.sh"/>
        <tool id="ncbi_blastp_wrapper" destination="all4.q"/>
        <tool id="ncbi_blastn_wrapper" destination="all4.q"/>
        <tool id="ncbi_blastx_wrapper" destination="all4.q"/>
        <tool id="ncbi_tblastn_wrapper" destination="all4.q"/>
        <tool id="ncbi_tblastx_wrapper" destination="all4.q"/>
        <tool id="ncbi_rpsblast_wrapper" destination="all4.q"/>
        <tool id="ncbi_rpstblastn_wrapper" destination="all4.q"/>
        <tool id="blast_reciprocal_best_hits" destination="all4.q"/>

i.e. I've set the computationally heavy BLAST+ tools to use a
destination configured to use just four cores. Because this is
SGE, we do this via the native syntax of -pe smp 4, i.e.
just like at the command line we'd do:

$ qsub -pe smp 4 ...

This detail will be different for your LSF cluster.

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