Hi all,

First of all, I'm new to this list and already posted my question on
biostar. Thanks to Hans-Rudolf for his answer but I'm not sure we have
exactly the same constraints here and I send this message to try to get
other answers and see what is the best solution for us.

I'm trying to setup a good galaxy environment for a biology institute.
To do so, I need to have a development and a production instances that
are clones on the structure side. I'd like to update regularly these
instances (following more or less galaxy main updates) and track them
with git repos.

I'm pretty sure lot of galaxy admins are trying to do that but I can't
find the answer.

My idea was to have a local git repo to save the development instance
(not the data). When there is a new update, I git pull it from galaxy
GitHub, compare what changed in the sample files and make the
appropriate changes in the config files corresponding to these samples.
Then I would git push towards the production instance. To do so, I need
to have a proper .gitignore file (listing especially the data files). I
saw that there is a .gitignore in the galaxy GitHub repo. It's probably
relevant when I want to pull the updates but I'm not sure it is
regarding the transfers between the development and production instances
(for example, the config files have to be tracked I guess).


| Mathieu Bahin
| Institut de Biologie de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure (IBENS)
| Biocomp team
| 46 rue d'Ulm
| 75230 PARIS CEDEX 05

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