Yes, move appropriate datatypes.
You may want to check if those datatypes still make sense.
They were the best I could figure out at the time, but that was over 4 years 

In general, I have no interest in any licensing rights.
I take it to heart that many software build sites used the term "blame" rather than 
"credit" for any contributions.


On 9/27/16 8:11 AM, Peter Cock wrote:
Hi again JJ,

Thanks again for agreeing that we (the IUC) can adopt your
GMAP wrappers under the MIT license.

Apologies for the extra question, but are you happy for the
GMAP datatypes originally defined in your ToolShed repository to be
moved into the Galaxy core, under Galaxy's open source
licence: Academic Free License version 3.0



On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 2:51 PM, Peter Cock <> wrote:
Thanks JJ,

That's great. We're hoping to use GMAP locally, so I have an incentive
to tackle this and the dependency glitch with the current versions on
the Tool Shed.



On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 2:50 PM, Jim Johnson <> wrote:
I would greatly appreciate the IUC adopting all gmap/gsnap work that I
originally worked on.
I do not currently have the time to maintain these tools.

Administrative access granted to IUC for:

These can be copied to the iuc owned repositories and I could deprecate
those under my name.

On 9/20/16 8:13 AM, Peter Cock wrote:
Thanks JJ :)

Could you explicitly confirm that we (the IUC) have your permission
to adopt the gmap wrappers and packages (and any of your other
Galaxy work you might want to suggest), to develop and maintain
under the IUC banner, under the MIT license.

(Ideally I'd suggest you state this in an email CC'ing the galaxy-dev
list as a public record)

For now this will mean tracking their development in:

Secondly, would you be willing to grant admin/write access
to the IUC account on the (main and test) tool shed for these:



On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 12:47 PM, Jim Johnson <> wrote:
It would be great to move this to IUC.
I originally put a lot of effort into this for a researcher at MN; I
it was tried once.
I now use gmap as part a dependency of the deFuse application.

James E. Johnson Minnesota Supercomputing Institute University of Minnesota

James E. Johnson Minnesota Supercomputing Institute University of Minnesota
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