Dear All,

I try to filter options for a param linked to a datatable.
I want to keep only options with the same dbkey as my input file. But i 
cannot make it work.

<param name="input" type="data" format="bam" label="Bam file"/>
<param name="dbindel" type="select" force_select="true" label="indel 
         <options from_data_table="dbindel" />
         <filter type="data_meta" ref="input" key="dbkey" />
         <filter type="remove_value" key="dbkey"/>

#<unique_build_id>   <dbkey>   <display_name> <file_path>
hg38    hg38    Human 
mm10_1  mm10    Mouse [All] 
mm10_2  mm10    Mouse [129P2_OlaHsd] 

Thank you for help,

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