On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 4:00 AM, Edward Dudley <egd...@psu.edu> wrote:
> Hi -
> I have a set of 454 reads that have been trimmed and converted to BAM format
> using Galaxy, and I can visualize the alignment with E. coli genomes using
> the UCSC browser.  Problem is, I'd like to display the alignment in Artemis,
> but Artemis doesn't seem to want to read the .BAM file downloaded from
> Galaxy; I can import my genome sequence but when trying to import the BAM a
> blank window with "message" in the header keeps popping up.  Anyone else
> tried to do this, and is there something about the Galaxy BAM files that
> Artemis doesn't like?
> Thanks.
> Ed

Artemis will need the BAM index file (the BAI file). It may also insist
on the normal extensions, *.bam and *.bai or *.bam.bai (but not *.dat)


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