I'm not following you here - please decipher your folder names, which I assume 
are mapped to your encoded request strings.

On Oct 24, 2011, at 1:27 PM, Anthony Underwood wrote:

>> Thanks for the reply Greg
>> Still don’t think I’ve quite got it in my head though it’s becoming clearer.
>> I have 2 users each whom I have given permission to access 2 datasets.
>> user 1 has access to data in a folder called 1st result and user 2 has 
>> access to data found in both a folder called fastqs and 2nd result (very 
>> artificial data scenario:))
>> user 1 can see
>> http://cl.ly/3M3t0P2n3H101P1z393e
>> I would not have expected him to see the fastqs folder
>> user 2 can see
>> http://cl.ly/1r2y1h2c0F0a0V403F1f
>> I would not have expected them to be able to see 1st result.
>> Thanks for your patience
>> Anthony
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