Hi all,

I wasn't sure whether to send this to galaxy-dev or galaxy-user. I'm
having a problem launching a Galaxy instance on Amazon. I have done
this in the past with no problems. I suspect I'm doing something
trivial wrong but can't work out what!

The problem is that after starting the instance, when I go to
http://public-dns-url/cloud and the "Initial Cluster Configuration"
window pops up, the initial storage size text box is disabled. That
is, the text box after the first radio box ("Galaxy Cluster") is
greyed out. So, I can't enter a size for the storage and if I just
proceed without doing so, it (I think) causes CloudMan to fail.

I thought I was probably just having browser issues but I get the same
problem repeatedly in Chrome and Firefox. When I inspect the element,
I see <input disabled="true" ... name="g_pss"...> so I think it really
is disabled. This seems like a weird problem so I suspect it's me, but
I can't work it out. Any help would be appreciated!


E: s...@unimelb.edu.au
P: 03 903 53357
M: 0414 854 759
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