I'm building a Galaxy Cloud implementation, and running into a problem
uploading data files > 1 Mbyte, or 1,048,576 bytes.

I've started Galaxy Cloudman and a single server, all according to to the
Wiki. I can upload fasta format files < 1048756 bytes, and general CSV
format peptide files, and indeed junk data files built with variants of
" jot -r -c 1030000 a z | rs -g 0 100 >junk ".

If I upload files (via the built-in Get Data / Upload Files From Your
Computer) that are > than approx 2^20 bytes, the upload just hangs in the
History and never completes.

These files upload fine to a local Galaxy server, and to Galaxy Main. On
the Galaxy local server, they run fine with my custom proteomics code.
Ditto on the Cloud galaxy server when the (smaller than 1 Mbtye) files
successfully upoad.

I can't see anthing useful in the logs, but I'm not sure which logs I
should be looking at. I'm just looking at tyhe logs presented on the
Cloudman admin page.

[image: logs.png]

My environment is Mac, OS X 10.6.8. My data files are terminated with /n,
but the problem manifests the same with Windows style /r/n files.

I'll leave it at that in the hope this is a ridiculously simple probelm and
needs no more description ! If not, please let me know the logs I should
look at and whatever else I should check.

Many thanks,
Greg E

Greg Edwards,
Port Jackson Bioinformatics


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