Hi Brad,

I'm almost positive I originally started the instance via
BioCloudCentral, and I always use Large.  I've been exclusively using
BioCloudCentral for a few weeks now.

I hadn't noticed this issue until yesterday.  I can definitely do
whatever you need if you want to dig into the issue more.

By the way, one weird thing I also noticed yesterday (maybe not
related) is that my "security groups" screen is empty on the Amazon
EC2 console even though my running instance says "Security Groups:
CloudMan".  So I guess the security group still exists but Amazon
doesn't want to show it to me?  (Just thought I'd mention that in case
it's related).


On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 9:53 AM, Brad Chapman <chapm...@50mail.com> wrote:
> Enis and Greg;
>> > > This sounds like the availability zone issue. I am assuming you are
>> > > restarting the same cluster (i.e., using the same name) and the instance
>> > > that gets created may be created in a zone different from the one that
>> > the
>> > > volume from the previous instantiation of the cluster was in.
>> > You are correct, that I'm restarting a cluster.
> BioCloudCentral does try to consistently start in the same availability
> zone to avoid this issue. I added some fixes at the end of December that
> try to handle it. Can you describe the process you initially used to
> create the cluster before re-starting it with BioCloudCentral? I can
> think of a couple of ways this could be a problem:
> - If you start the initial instance of 'cluster name' via the Console or
>  some other method, then subsequently start it up via BioCloudCentral.
> - If you start the initial instance of 'cluster name' via
>  BioCloudCentral as one image type (saw micro), then subsequently
>  restart it as a different image type (say large).
> The availability zone issue is a bit tricky, since not all image types
> are available in all availability zones. Additionally this differs
> between users.
> Greg, if you're consistently starting the same instance type via
> BioCloudCentral maybe something else is wrong and we can dig into it
> more to try and figure this out. We'd definitely like to make it as
> work as smoothly as possible.
> Thanks for the feedback,
> Brad

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