I apologize for bothering you but I am just beginning to work with mRNAseq
data and it appears as though Galaxy will be quite useful but I suspect,
even after looking some of the tutorials that I will be either making
mistakes or just not have a good sense of things.

I used "Fetch" off a new Mac computer to ftp 2 datasets yesterday whose sum
total memory was over 26gb.  It took 5 and one half hours to do that (my
login is elwood.lin...@duke.edu).  This morning I had hoped to align this
fastq data using your tools.  When I identified the two files to put them
in the right, history column of galaxy, it appears as though this transfer
is taking a long time.  Could you give me a time expectation of how long it
might take to transfer say a 13gb file into the program if it has already
been ftp'd to your site?

The unspoken question above is "am I doing something wrong".

Sincerely, but naively,

Elwood Linney
Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Duke University Medical Center
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