On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 6:28 PM, John Major <john.e.major...@gmail.com> wrote:
> A small warning re-the current cloud-Blast+ config.
> To properly use the metagenomic tools, if you use the blast+ galaxy tool,
> make sure to export in blast.XML, then you'll need a script to parse out the
> readID and the Hit_def (as the hit ID).  It appears that the 'Hit_def' field
> contains the correct key to the taxonomy database.  Specifically, the
> Hit_def field is in the format #_#, where the 'gi' id is the first #.  The
> tabular (normal and extended) data does not contain this info.
> I noticed this after attempting to use the tabular data, and using a trimmed
> col[1] (supposed to be hit seqID), but my results always came back as a
> ranked list of the most sequenced genomes in nt.... basically  keying in
> randomly.
> j

Hi John,

Can you expand on that with a specific example (ideally on the galaxy-dev
list, CC'd, since BLAST+ isn't event available on the public galaxy)?

Also which version of BLAST+ are you using since I recall some changes
to the tabular output IDs prior to 2.2.25 (which is what the wrappers were
tested on, I've not tried 2.2.26 yet).



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