I have HiSeq2000 paired end sequence data in two separate FASTQ files.
I need to filter the low quality scored sequences from my data to have a
good assembly. So I decided to join the PE reads and then filter the low
quality sequences in Galaxy.
   To do this first I groomed the data using FASTQ groomer where I kept
"Sanger" as Input FASTQ quality scores type. Then I tried to join the PE
sequences using FASTQ joiner. However the FASTQ joiner did not join the PE
sequences but only shown the failure Info as follows
*FASTQ joiner on data 8 and data 9*
0 bytes
format: fastqsanger, database:
Info: There were 4000000 known sequence reads not utilized.
Joined 0 of 4000000 read pairs (0.00%).

I am a new user and I have no idea where I am going wrong. Please suggest
me how to overcome this problem.


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