I have hit a brick wall when trying to convert wig files from the GEO to bigwig files. Each time I try (and I have tried many times since October), I get the same error. For example, here is a downloaded wig file, that I assigned to the mouse mm8 genome, and the error I got when I tried to convert it to a bigwig file. The dataset came from Bing Ren's lab, and its GEO record is here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/query/acc.cgi?acc=GSM560344

The wig file was uploaded to Galaxy Dec. 8, 2011, and I assigned mm8 rather than mm9 based on the GEO record:

49: GSM560344_03112009_313D2AAXX_B7.wi
~960,000 lines
format: wig, database: mm8
Info: uploaded wig file
display at UCSC main

The details for this upload are as follows:

Tool: Upload File
Name:   GSM560344_03112009_313D2AAXX_B7.wi
Created:        Dec 08, 2011
Filesize:       12.1 Mb
Dbkey:  mm8
Format: wig
Tool Version:   
Tool Standard Output:   stdout
Tool Standard Error:    stderr

Input Parameter Value
File Format     auto
Conditional (files_metadata)    32
Inheritance Chain


The wig-to-bigWig conversion on data 49 (using the wig to bigwig conversion tool in the convert formats toolbox) was run on March 21, 2012 and gave the following error:
 77: Wig-to-bigWig on data 49
0 bytes
An error occurred running this job:line 152351 of stdin: chromosome chr13 has 120614378 bases, but item ends at 120614600 line 298005 of stdin: chromosome chr17 has 95177420 bases, but item ends at 95177625 line 325066 of stdin: chromosome chr16 has 98252459 bases, but item ends at 9825252

The details for this operation are as follows:

Tool: Wig-to-bigWig
Name:   Wig-to-bigWig on data 49
Created:        Mar 21, 2012
Filesize:       0 bytes
Dbkey:  mm8
Format: bigwig
Tool Version:   
Tool Standard Output:   stdout
Tool Standard Error:    stderr

Input Parameter Value
Convert 49: GSM560344_03112009_313D2AAXX_B7.wi
Conditional (settings)  1
Items to bundle in r-tree       256
Data points bundled at lowest level     1024
Clip chromosome positions       True
Do not use compression  True
Inheritance Chain

Wig-to-bigWig on data 49

I gather that the chromosome ends are not being snipped off, even though I toggle this option on the galaxy conversion tool. And I know it's doing something, because if I toggle that option off, I get an error that includes "broken pipe" and simply aborts. I apologize for knowing so little about the bioinformatics involved here. And I'm sure I've overlooked something that is likely obvious to others and/or failed to provide some critical bit of info in this email. But any help would be greatly appreciated.


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