Hello all,

I am pleased to inform you that talks presented at the 2013 Galaxy
Community conference will be eligible for consideration to be published in
the journal *GigaScience* and that BGI will generously cover the article
processing fees for these articles.  See the announcement below for details.


Dave C


The 2013 Galaxy Community Conference
 and BioMed Central <http://www.biomedcentral.com/> are announcing a
special thematic series in *GigaScience <http://www.gigasciencejournal.com/>
*, a new journal co-published in collaboration between BGI
 and BioMed Central <http://www.biomedcentral.com/> focused on studies
utilizing large-scale datasets and workflows.
Galaxy<http://galaxyproject.org/> is
an open, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research allowing
their growing community of users to reproduce and share analyses. All
accepted oral presentations from the meeting will be eligible for
consideration in the series, and working with the scientific
peer review will be coordinated, thorough and timely. BGI has been
generously covering the open-access article-processing
charges<http://www.gigasciencejournal.com/about/apcfaq> for
the journal’s launch, and this offer will be extended to all submissions
from the 2013 conference.

Covering the themes of the conference, discussion and research is
considered highlighting best practice for local Galaxy installation,
management and use, as well as interesting tools, data sources, or novel
uses of Galaxy. Addressing many of the goals of Galaxy to enable more
accessible, reproducible, and transparent genomic science, submissions can
utilize a novel format, where all of the workflows, tools and supporting
data can be hosted and integrated into accepted papers using independently
citable digital object
 from the journal's Giga-Galaxy server <http://galaxy.cbiit.cuhk.edu.hk/>
and GigaDB database <http://gigadb.org/>.

Please contact the conference organizers
<gcc2013-...@galaxyproject.org> or GigaScience
editors <editor...@gigasciencejournal.com> for further information, or
submit a 
 or conference abstract<http://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Events/GCC2013/Abstracts>,
mentioning you would like to be considered in the series. The deadline for
consideration for oral presentations to the meeting is 12th April, but
later submissions for exceptional poster presentations (deadline 3rd May)
and related work utilizing Galaxy may also be considered for the open

Scott Edmunds
Executive Editor
*GigaScience <http://www.gigasciencejournal.com/>*

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