I can't believe it! I beat self destruct on hard  difficulty.  It seems as 
if the urchin lord battle is the easiest part of the whole game so far.  My 
spoiler  will work exactly the same way  on hard. Now its only insane that's 
there to beat. There i have to  watch out for mines in the  grid.
After all self destruct isn't that bad.  there's only one bug in the game 
and that's when the sounds  get mixed up if you die in the  urchin lord 
battle. then you hear the  urchin lord battle music while you are back in 
the grid and you hear the step sound as you walk on the battle field while 
you are actually  back in the grid after losing a  life  and if you then 
pause  the game it terminates after displaying a message.  But otherwise I 
think its a cool game. 

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