Hi Shaun,

  the vista interface if thats like ie7 with toolbars that can't turn 
off and search
boxes that are core components, I wouldn't upgrade, I'd rather get xp...
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You are getting the point. The Vista interface is basically a fully 
integrated Internet Exploder 7 which is which is a fully integrated core 
part of the operating system. Somehow that seams like a violation of the 
Netscape case, but we are talking Microsoft.

I also can't afford the large memmory and other things I'd need for 
systems to run
vista, the 512mb ram system will not cut it and the 1gb minimum is 
reported as just
cutting it.
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That is also true. I generally follow the rule of double what ever 
Microsoft says the requirement is. If they say 512 MB. give it 1024 
which is a GB. of ram. If they say 1 GHZ processor give it 2 to b safe. 
The main reason is that those requirements Microsoft gives are 
technically true, it will run, but it will not run well or be practical.

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