Hello, everyone. I'be been messing around with Blank Blocks which I just 
discovered from the Audiogames.net forum earlier this afternoon. Overall, 
I'm actually quite impressed with this puzzle game. The sounds are good and 
the mechanics are certainly easy to grasp. However, I get into situations 
where it's simply impossible to make any further moves. At this point, there 
really should be a system which realises that you simply can't solve the 
puzzle and end the game giving you a final score or just telling you that 
it's impossible to complete. Currently, you have to manually quit the game 
yourself when in this circumstance. It's a fairly small gripe overall. The 
presentation was very good for a free puzzle game. It's the best I've seen 
from Litetech Interactive so far.
Michael Feir
Creator and former Editor of Audyssey Magazine

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