Hi Bryan,
Thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, I have done a lot  of thinking about 
this new and improved side-scroller, and after reading all of James 
North's development documents I felt the game was just too plane for my 
tastes. I have seen a lot of new and more modern ideas applied to 
side-scrollers over the years such as weapon and item inventories, save 
game features, more complex puzzle solving, you name it. Yeah, some 
might argue they paid for a classic arcade game because as blind players 
they never had the opportunity to try the originals way back in 1984. 
Thing is, though, technology has changed allowing for more interesting 
game play, more realism, and more sophisticated side-scrollers to be 
For example, one idea I have been seriously considering for some time is 
adding a grappling hook to Angela Carter's basic inventory. Rather than 
using ropes that just happen to be hanging around Angela can draw her 
grappling hook, fire it, and swing across a chasm, fire pit, spikes, 
etc. We have all probably seen Indiana Jones do exactly that sort of 
thing with his bull whip, and I have always thought it was cool when he 
pulls out his trusty whip, swings to safety, and it would be one more 
level of fun in my opinion. Although, a grappling hook might make 
jumping over certain traps too easy.
Although, this comes right back to the realistic factor I was talking 
about before. Anyone who has had experience with mountain climbing, 
caving, or does any kind of exploration in areas like that come prepared 
with ropes, grappling hooks, and other climbing gear. So having her 
carrying a grappling hook in her backpack isn't totally far fetched 
seeing the kind of archeological work she is doing.

Bryan Peterson wrote:
> I certainly like where this is going. And MOTA is exactly the sort of game I 
> think we need to see more of.

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