Hi Bryan,
That does make sense. There are several games that do the same thing 
where you actually have to swing high enough to clear whatever it is you 
are trying to swing over. In the Tomb Raider games you have to press a 
key to get Lara swinging, and she will get faster and faster, and higher 
and higher. After you get high enough and fast enough letting go of the 
cable, rope, or grappling hook she is hanging on she will fly right over 
the lava pit, fire, spikes, chasm, whatever. Release too soon and you 
will go splat into it.
One way of identifying this in an audio only format would be to slightly 
increase the pitch of the file and the faster and higher you are the 
rope sound will sound faster or slower until you reach the right speed 
and height to make the jump.

Bryan Peterson wrote:
> Yeah, that does sound fun. And don't forget Samus from the Metroid games. 
> She has the same ability, albeit in a different form. She can fire a 
> magnetic beam from her arm cannon that attaches to nearby grapple points. 
> Then she starts swinging back and forth bwtween her original position and 
> the grapple point. The idea is to time it so that you let go when you reach 
> the new area. If you let go too soon you'd either end up back where you were 
> or land in one of the traps. You could incorporate something like that into 
> the game, which would make sure that even using the grappling hook wouldn't 
> be totally failsafe. That way it would still be up to the player to use his 
> or her own judgment about when to release the grapple.

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