Hi Phil,
You will be happy to know I have  finally managed to get into the head 
master's office. One of the issues was a Windows resource issue do to 
too many background processes running at the  same time the head masters 
office chapter was loading. Most of the rest of the game runs fine under 
the same conditions, but there must be something about the head master's 
office that eats a lot of system processes while it is loading. Just for 
your information here is what I had to unload in order to insure a 
successful entry into that chapter without a system crash.
First, unload my screen reader. Usually, i play with the game with 
Window Eyes in sleep mode, but even then it uses memory and process 
power that was obviously too much for my system to handle while playing 
Sarah. So unloading the screen reader was the first half of the issue.
Second, I looked around for any other applications that might be slowing 
down the system and eating both processor and memory. I decided that my 
antivirus program wasn't being used at the time so I exited it and 
stopped all background processes.Suddenly system performence speed up, 
and I was hoping that it would give my system an added boost for the game.
Voila! I went into Sarah and loaded a saved game where Sarah is standing 
in the hallway entrence to the head master's office, started a patronis 
going, gave the gargoils the password, waited until Sarah announced head 
master's entry hall, and everything apparently loaded successfully.
IN conclusion it was either my screen reader running, my antivirus 
program, or both that were ttaking away CPU and memory requirements in 
order to successfully load the head master's office chapter of Sarah. 
Now, that issue seams to be solved for me, and i now know if I am going 
to have an extended amount of time playing that game best to disable av 
and screen reader apps before launching the game.


My gaming desktop, the one I do most of my game playing on, has a 1.2 
GHZ AMD processor, 512 MB of ram, a 80 GB hard drive, Windows XP 
Professional,Window Eyes 6.1, and AVG antivirus. That should give you a 
general idea of the system it is running on and Window Eyes 6.1 and AVG 
were the two applications I disabled to free up mem and CPU power for Sarah.


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