I just played a battle where the enemies were so dumb.
Firstly it just happened that defiant was like on the doorstep of cardation 
Oh and it just so happened that the ships that were sent for me were  the 2 
defence ships for cardacia.
This part of the game is usually a pain as I must keep defient alive for these 
However they were there, and although close to a starbase I was able to kill 
them easily.
THen the rest were stupid enough to come to my position meaning I only had to 
move at low warp like 3 to get to one of them and that was it.
Cardacian fleet wiped out.
No skin off my nose at all.
The klingons were just as stupid.  They decided to shoot enterprise, the only 
thing was the first was no match in fact did little dammage, well it did but 
fortunately monercy was in range.
Good thing to because seeing I was not close to any enimey space at the time I 
was putting all ships to enterprise and was able to put them to a closer ship.
The major issue was that then the klingons came with 2 more ships which 
destroyed enterprise and which I then I destroyed.
However it appears that my wiping out the cardacians got to them somehow 
because they then sent their defence border ships one at a time.
Even though my force was greatly deminished they were easy to beat although 
soverign suffered serious dammage to sensors, wepons and warp engines.
Salia was there however.
At this point the romulans decided to not destroy defient which was what I 
however they attacked mcinly which promptly destructed.
This seems to have confused them as they decided to attack my ships with their 
remaining forces.
Unfortunately this resulted in dammage to soverign but they didn't manage to 
destroy her and the 2 ships I had left were no real mach for the romulans, well 
the romulans got nailed.
The last ship decides terics I think to fire torps at ds9.
Um hello? dumb idea.
It was destroyed.
I restocked all ships and headed out to  romulan space.
And decloaked defient.
The fools didn't aim for that ship but salia which got it destroyed not that it 
mattered, I mean 2 against 3 ships with 1 ship taking a ship each so no 
recharge needed, meaning that soverin and defient could actually leave, well 
defient could anyway.
I was able to destroy the ships.
So I win with 3 ships and a station.
Usually I get either no stations or 2 stations and 1 or 2 ships left.
Hmm they must have all been drunk.

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