Hi che.

firstly, i'd suggest using the update patch.

then, at the moment trading in the game is a bit of a pest, because the 
trade window covers up half the planets of a system, so to see the prices of 
goods it's necessary to keep closing the window, clicking a planet at the 
top or bottom of the screen, then opening the window again. this is what is 
necessary for the tutorial I'm afraid.

i've had a chat with the developer about fixing this, but he hasn't inserted 
it into the game as yet.

to be honest I don't bother with trading, sinse it's so long winded to keep 
opening and closing windows as is necessary at the moment, i just do 
missions and pirate other ships, ---- especially good now that the most 
recent update has made the sensor screen accessible, and I currently have a 
patan destroyer, about a million dollars, and have stopped several 

if you really want to do the tutorial, you can do it by opening the trade 
window as described, but to be honest right clicking on anything in the game 
(i assume you can do this with the jaws curser), willgive you information.

i think the developer would be very interested in discussing jaws scripting, 
and I know he's very good about taking suggestions on board. Of course sinse 
i use Hal i'm afraid i can't give any jaws specific suggestions though. the 
compatibility mode of the game is a bit of a work in progress at the moment, 
but I've stil been absolutely addicted to it for the last couple of days, 
and i'd recommend it to anyone.

beware the grue!


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