Hi all,
  I purchased Smugglers 4 this afternoon, as I like to support any mainstream 
developer that is willing to include features to make their games more 
  But so far, this is a joke I must say. Either that, or I am seriously missing 
something here.
  I understand this game wasn't designed with the blind in mind, so I figured 
I'd have to use the jaws cursor a good bit, I have no problem with that, but I 
haven't even done the first part of the tutorial and I am showing signs of 
carpel tunnel syndrome  here.
  When the tutorial says the planet you need to go to has been marked for you 
for example, I arrow all over the place trying to find said planet to no avail, 
so here I am stuck with no planet to go.
  You folks that are playing this game, is this thing actually fairly smooth to 
play with a screenreader, or should I just go back to playing Madden 09 on my 
Wii and forget about it if I am not willing to arrow around dozens of times to 
get one thing done? I had thoughts of creating scripts for this if it turned 
out to be playable, but right now I don't see that as a possibility.
  Someone please tell me I am missing something here, because the game sounds 
really cool.
  and yes, I have turned on compatibility mode, (thanks ShadowDragon), and I 
have looked at the relevant parts of the manual, even though it is in the 
dreaded .pdf format.
  Signing out from near Alpha Centauri.
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