Hi all,

Yesterday, while attempting to find updates on this project since the  
blind second life blog doesn't seem to be updating anymore with this  
new-found info, I'll say it below.

Luise Later, an SL real life visually impaired (Not totally blind)  
user created both a cane and a guide dog, scripted, mind you, to alert  
us of portals etc when navigating. I don't know what the difference  
between the cane or guide dog are, or weather you need both of them,  
but regardless the items are free.

She also uses a SL screen reader (Well I think it's being made into  
one) called EVA, which speaks objects around you. Don't ask me how  
that works. I just created my SL account from Virtual Ability which,  
BTW, makes the account sign up for second life as accessible as  
filling out a form. An accessible form, that is. Oh, did I mention  
audio captcha?

And since I'm also sending this out to Mac lists, I'll just say this.  
I haven't tried the SL client yet with VoiceOver. Thus, I have yet to  
find out if you can even interact with anything for even just logging  
in. I guess logging into SL is accessible on the windows side. I'll be  
trying this all out tomorrow, asuming I don't have any homework. And  
before I forget, the cane/dog development team does have one totally  
blind developer, so it's not just VI working on the project. Sure,  
it's only one, but at least he's giving feedback to the project for  
totally blind users.

The reason why we can't use it on Mac is just one problem, even if you  
can login with VO. Eva. Eva is for windows only. Without that, we  
can't communicate and hear what's around us.

Okay. Well, here is the blog posting on the promotion of Luise's  
presentation on this which we all mist.


Hope to see all you guys who like testing an incompleted product to  
come join me. I'd hate to do this alone with the team. Or, at least, I  
think I'd be the only one...
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