HI all
A friend bought me ESP pinball classic for my birthday.
Here is my 2 cents view about most of the tables.
Pack man is really buggy. Each time I play I quickly loose all 3 lives.
In the other tables I play for long  before loosing a life and I also easily
get bonus balls, but in pack man I nevewr finishes the first table, not to
talk about getting a bonus ball..
Pack man is much faster than the other tables.
Sometimes, the moment I hear the power  pill is scanned, I press the shift
key but then either pack man doesn't  eat the power pill or I loose a ball.
The same with hitting shift if I hear the sound of a ghost being scanned.
The  pack man table is just too unreasonable.
I've tried playing it  10 times in sequence and each time I lost my 3balls
There is not enough randomness in pack man, if the pack man table was very
much random there would be  a chance that I would have at least completed a
few tables, but I can't even finish the first table.
Has anyone  made it far in the pack man tables?
The other tables is fine, I understand now that I only press shift when the
ball contacts the flipper.
When the police imprisons me in histe, what do  they  say:
It soundsl ike: dood.
]something dood.
I still need practice with soccerstar.
In hounted house I also don't get very far, I land in the fire.
My ball just lands in the fire without contacting a flipper.
It happens seldom that I sent my ball to the fire per accident.
So  pack man is the only table which I don't understand, the other tables is
Is pinball extreme more difficult than pinball classic?

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