Hi Shaun,
Yeah, you can bet your fur those sounds and music are copyrighted. However, there is a legal way to share them, and make a game very close to Halo with music and sound without bringing down a bunch of legal crap on your head. One way is by creating the game with a slightly different story line, use different sounds, different music, etc in the official release. However, unofficially release a Halo soundpack under a different license agreement that says it is an unofficial sound pack for game x, include any and all copyright and trade mark information, and don't publically supportit. Kind of stepping through loopholes in the copyright laws. For example, my new treasure hunting series, Tomb Hunter, is a knock off of Tomb Raider. Everybody knows that, but legally Edos can't do anything about it because Angela Carter, Tomb Hunter, and even the stories are in my own name. I own the copyrights for them. However, unofficially after the release let us just say an unnofficial sound pack of music, Lara Croft sound effects, gets passed around for the game and bingo you get Tomb Raider. Just install the update and Tomb Hunter becomes Tomb Raider complete with Lara Croft, official Tomb Raider music, icons, whatever. If Edos does get peed off, tell me to ddrop the soundpack, no problem. I still own the game and those who downloaded the soundpack will probably put it up on send space, div share, file send, whatever and still be publically available in one form or another.

shaun everiss wrote:
not sure how legal this is but I have the soundtracks to halo, but I suspect 
they are copywrited so I can't actually share these.

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