Fair enough thom, i clearly got the wrong end of the stick when you mentioned in the news using Genesis 3D to create a 2D game, and I can see why doing cunning but complex things with the editer to create 2D instead of 3d effects wouldn't exactly be user friendly.

i'm afraid though i don't agree with you that releasing a level editer would stop people from upgrading the game.

Unless you were thinking of releasing the upgrades to the levels as actually new commercially available level packs for the game, ---- the way Pinball party pack vol 1 is a commercial expantion of esp Pinball extreme, i really don't see why people would not bother upgrading the game. Afterall, however many levels people created, the chances of them being exactly the same as your own official levels for the game would be very slim.

pluss, unless you released some fairly extensive editing tools such as an object creator, or complete game code editer, you'd be the only person able to make substantive changes to the game such as adding new enemies.

so even if a level editer (as many mainstream editers did), allowed players the chance to place the game elements anywhere they wished in levels, ---- or even use their own audio cutscenes, background ambience etc, only you yourself as the creator of the game would actually be able to make completely new elements with new behaviour and effects on gameplay, ---- such as other enemies and power-ups, ---- and for those things, ---- even if not for your own level designs, it'd be worth people upgrading.

A similar mainstream example can be found with prince of Persia, ---- which had a level editer, yet also a sequal, prince of Persia 2 which worked on the same basic game engine, but had substantially different enemies and some gameplay alterations, none of which would've been possible with the editer.

obviously though, even a basic object placement editer would require some fairly extensive work to create, particularly if you need to monkey about with variables in the game code, so this is probably going speculationwards.

whether your planning on commercial or free level pack expantions, i must say that as an eexploration fan, i think it's a great idea!

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