Hi Dark,
No, I think you misunderstood what I said, and perhaps I didn't explain clearly what I meant. In my news letter I mentioned that MOTA is based on a modified Genesis 3D engine. I took the Genesis 3D engine and modified it specifically for MOTA making it an engine in its own right. Though, the majority of the MOTA engine is based on the same classes, functions, etc as Genesis 3D. However, they aren't 100% identical. For example, in the main Genesis 3D engine it uses a virtual 3D audio environment to process sounds and create the audio environment. However, since MOTA is a 2D side-scroller 3D processing is not only over kill sounds would not be positioned correctly in your speakers. As a result I have had to modify the SoundPosition function and completely rewrite it to perform 2D audio processing rather than 3D audio processing. That is just one of many examples of why it has taken me so long to put out MOTA. Anyway, the point is when Genesis 3D eventually gets released you will be getting the actual Genesis 3D engine and not this 2D modified version. This modified version is a quick and dirty way to get MOTA released to the public as quickly and as efficiently as possible. As far as releasing a level editor to the public no I won't be doing so. I have a couple of good reasons why i have elected not to. First,I plan to release some levels with the game perhaps 10 to 12 with version 1.0, but come out with more levels in the future. If I release a level editor for the game with 1.0 there really would be no point or insentive to upgrade the game since end users could do it themselves for the most part. Second, the level editor I have created for MOTA isn't exactly what anyone could call newby user friendly. While I can draw the levels with the editor I still need to edit some variables by hand in the code. I haven't yet gotten around to making a editor for Genesis that allows you to do everything from the level editor or by editing various configuration files. Basically, like I said most of this is still crude, and it is that way because I am rushing the game out the door. After MOTA 1.0 is released and USA Raceway is finished I plan to spend six months to a year just working on making Genesis 3D into an easy to use user friendly game engine. I have several games I want to create, but Genesis needs months of work yet before anyone else besides myself could create levels with it.

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