Hi Will,
That's correct. Though, there are going to be some additional challenges that will make MOTA more difficult than Montezuma's Revenge was. Here is a quick example. In Montezuma's Revenge if you needed a key all you had to do was walk along, find the key, and jump up to grab it. That was just too easy in my opinion. I also think that sort of defeated the purpose of a key in the first place. If it is right there, easy to locate, then why not just leave all the doors unlocked. In MOTA in order to obtain gold, silver, and bronze keys you have to kill certain monsters to get them. So if there is a statue in room 1 you can't exactly walk over there and open it. You have to find the monster carring that particular key, kill it, come back, and then unlock the statue to get the treasure hidden behind it. As I am already giving too many secrets away I think I will shut up about it. However, i did want to make the point that I am working on adding new elements and challenges that Montezuma's Revenge never had.

Will Lomas wrote:
i don't know if it can though as it is a side scroller
so in a way i will probably complete it within a few hours of getting it since if the snake was 2 steps to the right last night that will be the same today lol so it is an easy genre of game to complete

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