Thankfully, most of the keyboards I've seen have had obviously placed mute keys as well, ---- and my laptop, you actually have to push the volume slider in to mute.

A far more serious problem I've had is when something like Windows media player decides to randomly mute the computer for no readily apparent reason.

Luckily, I can see enough to know when windows are open, and so am now quite adept at unchecking the mute check box without any assistance from Hal, ---- but hellish problems can ensue if I get the causes of the trouble mixed up, and accidently activate one thing while trying to deactivate another.

I remember a very nasty experience which involved me in the end phoning dolpin, and going through everything from altering the settings of my surround sound system (not fun, sinse other than seeing whether it's turn on or not I've got no clue as to what's happening with it), to mucking about with physical speaker leads, to checking and unchecking the mute check box, to the mute key on my keyboard.

It was finally the surround sound system settings which had suffered a wrong button pressing from me, but to work that out I had to plug a Cd player into the system, play with the settings until I could here that, plug my headphones into my Pc, play with the mute button and volume settings until I could here that, then! reconnect five speakers!

needless to say, I've been very careful with the surround sound system settings sinse then.

Beware the Grue! (which is only slightly more scary than the death key).


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