Hi all,
  This is my attempt to start what will hopefully be an informative thread for 
those who, like me, are considering adding the Nintendo Wii to their collection 
of Mainstream game consoles. While I do understand that many of the features of 
the Wii are not likely to be accessible to us, internet, online play, that sort 
of thing, I am wondering if loading the console and playing the games might not 
be accessible enough for us. I've heard a few different theories on this. Some 
say it is and some say not. So I'm curious. There have been a lot of games for 
the WII, even setting aside the Virtual Console and the fact that Game Cube 
games are playable on it, that really intrigued me, so I'm wondering if it'd be 
worth saving money for. I suppose what I really ought to do is go to my local 
electronics or Best Buy store, someplace like that, and try one of those 
in-store demos and see for myself. And if I can talk one of my folks or a 
friend into taking me I may do just that. And then of course there've been the 
occasional news stories, usually on the Today Show, that seem to suggest that 
playing the Wii has actually proven benefitial to some people's health due to 
the fact that it actually gets them up and moving. And I have to say that 
really sounds like a lot of fun. I'm actually considering playing sports games 
because of the Wii, where before I could have cared less. So I'm wondering if 
there are any folks on here who own or have had a chance to play a Wii and what 
their thoughts are on the matter. As I said I understand that a lot of its 
features may be inaccessible to many of us but beyond that I'm still curious.
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