Hi Linsy.

It's actually fairly streight forward.

First compare your combat skill to your enemy's (your enemy's skill will be in the text). that will tell you what colum of the combat results table to look at.

So for example if your cs is 10, and your enemy's is 5, you'll be looking in the 5/6 column, whereas if your enemy's Cs was 12 and yours was 10, you'd be looking in the -1/-2 column.

Then, roll your ten sided dice, using 10 for 0. this will tell you which column of the table to look at.

In the column, read which row corresponds to the number you rolled (which also happens to be the number of rows down the column). This will tell you how much damage your opponent and you suffer with your opponent's damage first, so if it says 7/2, your opponent takes 7 points of damage, you take two.

Stir vigorously, and repeat until one of your combatants is nicely dead! lol!

Seriously, the reason combat in the lw books is like this is that originally the books were published in the 80s, and once someone got a number, all they had to do was turn to the table.

it's quite possible with a screen reader though that has good table navigation and if your stuck with the html, i have a fully formatted Ms word table which one of the project.aon chaps on the message board was kind enough to whip up for me when i first came across lw in late 2005 (just before I discovered audiogames in fact), and started asking about screen reader access.

Part of me does wonder now, if Tom, phil, Jim or someone else clever, ---- with the appropriate amount of time could just whip up an lw combat program to make all this much quicker, ---- heck, they could even have it roll the dice for you.


Beware the Grue!


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