Hi liam.

Well, as you'll gather, I'm stil mid play myself, but for starting out I probably can offer some tips.

First you shouldn't actually attempt combat until your A, an honourable warrior, B, are proficient in knife throwing, and C, have a decent weapon, ie an axe or better stil a sword.

It also really helps if you know and recognize the warrior and can be pretty certain you've got a good chance of beating him, plus talking to warriors gets you some handy hintgs and info, ---- as indeed does talking to peasants, especially at the start of the game sinse salve for healing wounds is comparatively expensive.

Personally I began buy buying a knife, pack, 10 food and canteen then went to a hunting place which you get hints about, ---- though I'll write it's loacation at the bottom of here just in case you want to speed things up slightly at the beginning of the game, ---- also that hint only showed up once for me for some reason.

When I had enough cash (and some knife throwing experience), i was able to afford first a lamp, oil and bottle, ---- sinse if you don't have these by day 15 and the time the felven appear your pretty much dead, and an axe. This should be enough to begin fighting warriors and go exploring.

I'll also offer one more hint. though buying armor, a sword and a burro is a must, don't be too quick to spend more cash, sinse imho the most helpful item can be bought in a slightly less obvious place, and I was actually very sorry I bought another item and didn't buy it earlier in the game sinse it makes things a lot easier and much more fun.

Hunting spot spoiler!

30 east, 25 north. It's also outside a farm which helps for water.


Beware the Grue!


Hunting place, 30

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