Hi Lukas,
As of todays builds Angela does speak some stuff now using a real human voice. For example if she steps into a room with an enemy in it she will say something like "what now," "we've got company," "hostiles," etc. Though my absolute favorite fraze is, "get out of my way!" Quite apparently not going to take any crap off of centaurs, skeleton warriors, or flying harpies. Another new addition that didn't make it into the trailer that has been added to the game just over the passed 24 hours are warning messages. If she is walking, not running, when approaching a fire, lava pit, chasm, etc she will let you know when she is in danger. Angela will say something like "watch out," "look out," "watch it," etc. It is a great cue that you are in mortal danger.Especially for silent traps like spikes and poison darts that don't make any sound until you trip them. Although Angela can see them so she points them out to you along the way.

Lukás Hosnedl wrote:
Yeah, definitely! Now you are right! REminds me of Angel of Darkness, where Lara Croft also used to talk to herself at several occasions. :-D Like when you attempted a task that you were too weak for, so she just said: "I'm not strong enough." Or there were several little cluess to help you solve a particularly tough puzzle that sounded misterious at first but later made perfect sense. For example, I remember that there was a place where you unarmed a timed bomb or something like that and then had to get underwater somehow, so she just told you: "Dive, girl, dive", or something like that. Wonderful ideas you have, Thomas. Besides, it will be cool to have Angela say something, actual fluent sentences rather than just screams of pain or shock, at certain places in the game. You are moving the audiogaming world forward by a light year and not just a single step, really! :-D

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