My friend came over today and told my mom he could get her a Wii for 50 bucks, 
so she went.  If you have been hearing about this kind of deal, prepare for the 
bait and switch...
Because it's not a true Wii.  It's not a bad little game system for $50, but if 
you buy it, you may not get what you're expecting unless you read on.
The game is call the zone: wireless gaming.  We found it at dollar general in 
Waikman.  My mom wanted a Wii, and that's why she bought it.
It's about half the size of the Wii, has two remotes that look nothing like 
Wiimotes--a bit more like nunchucks actually, with no trigger but rather finger 
grips on the bottom and four buttons besides the arrow keys on top.
My mother also went expecting that it could play Wii games.  Well, it cannot.  
If you've played a lot of Wii games and found none accessible except Wii 
Sports--or just don't like any of the others, this might be for you.
It has seven games built-in, so you get what you get and that's all.  It has a 
baseball game which is ridiculously easy, (I hit about fifty home runs in a row 
while my friend got out after out,) tennis which is a bit easier to play on the 
Wii, boxing, (but you hit the select key to block instead of holding the 
remotes by your face,) soccer, ping-pong or table tennis, and bowling.  Sorry, 
no golf.
I won't say that I'm much impressed with the system, but if you'd like to find 
out what it's like to play the Wii without spending a lot of money, this may be 
for you.  The tennis game is pretty fun, but not as challenging as the one on 
the Wii.  Though you hit buttons to block in the boxing game, there's no chord 
between remote and nunchuck because you use both wireless remotes.  I haven't 
tried soccer or table tennis yet, but my mom says the bowling game is not very 
My conclusions, then, are that if you want a game system like the Wii without 
spending the cash, get the Zone--but just remember that you get what you paid 
for.  It's not a bad system--especially if you have kids and want them playing 
in their rooms more.  Oh by the way, I forgot to mention the worst drawback of 
this system--as far as I know, the games are single player least 
boxing is because you use both remotes at once.
I have mixed thoughts on this system, so if you have the fifty bucks and can 
find one, you might at least check the Zone out.  I'd probably be very 
impressed with it had I not played a Wii first.

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